Subhankar Mondal

Subhankar Mondal

Dancing, for me, is my life. I cannot think of anything else rather than my dancing. It's like breathing and I enjoy every bit of it. Dance is what through which I can deal

with any toughest moments of my life.

From the very beginning, I had a connection with Dance which increased my interest to know more about this art form. I started my journey at the age of three from "Blooming Bud". Then I got myself trained under Anurag Ghosh from Crafts of Kammotion crew. There I learned a lot about Hip-hop dance. After that, I joined Peddro Salsateca in 2012 and since then my Dance career has been changed. 

I got to know about Dance styles like Jazz, Contemporary, etc. but only one dance form took the bigger place in my heart, that is Salsa.
I even won the Asia Salsa Solo Open Championship, Asia Same Gender Championship and many others. I also took my training under Sumit Chatterjee who gifted me such a magical thing called Contemporary - a dance form that truly belongs to my soul, through which I can express my emotions and I feel I am being myself without any filters.
I m still learning as I am going and also I m loving every bit of it.



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