Frequently Asked Questions

Do we provide certificates?  

Yes, we do, after 6 months of continue classes without any

the gap there is a small performance test, thereafter we provide a certificate.

Do the dance classes in Kolkata offer separate batches for men and women?

No, most of the dance classes in Kolkata offer separate batches for men and women in addition to common batches. But we do not believe in gender discrimination, hence everyone is equal in all the batches.

What is the fee of enrolling in a dance class in Kolkata?

The monthly fees charged by dance classes depends on the duration of the course and the type of dance form. The approximate fees range between Rs. 1100 to Rs. 2500 and above.

What if I sign up for a session of classes and have to miss a class?

No problem! You can make up classes during the coming week. Once you sign up for a session and miss a class, you may attend a make-up class by informing the teacher. If you cannot make any other class in that week or the coming week, then you would lose a class (although we do go out of our way to make sure people are well taken care of).

I'm bringing someone; do I have to rotate partners?

Rotating partners is not solely for social reasons. It helps the learning process. It's necessary to properly learn how to lead and follow. Everyone has a different style, and changing partners will greatly enhance the speed at which you learn. That being said, you can always remove yourself slightly from the circle and not change partners - no problem!

Do I need to get a Partner?

Absolutely not! We rotate partners in class, and everyone will have ample partners. If we have an imbalance, extra people just wait in between couples and will get a partner in a couple of minutes (we switch partners quite a bit during class). We also do our best to have even classes.

What shoes should I wear?

If you have dance shoes then bring them. The ideal shoes have suede soles and hold your foot firmly in position. If you do not have dance shoes, wear something that is comfortable and that can slide quite easily on the floor without gripping. Leather soles are good, rubber soles are not. We recommend you do not wear trainers, boots or mules. The right footwear is essential in order to be able to carry out movements correctly and without injury. We stock a wide range of leather dance shoes for both ladies and gentlemen.