HULLABALOO 2018 -Annual Dance Concert 28th January 2018

We were back again with an event that created HULLABALOO in the city. The annual event of Twist N Turns was back in the city with the enthralling
music, rocking dance performances and the events that mesmerized its audience. The event was splattered with laughter, dance, photographs, conversations, drama, and dance. Just as we promised, it was an event that brought the world together. Not only did the dance came onto the stage, but so did what is important to our world. Our dance concert had all the festivals from around the globe to make it more fun and majestic. 

IMG 2161

 The innocence of our little dancers wooed the audience but also made them think. Don’t underestimate these little hearts because they didn’t just dance, they also taught the world a lesson. Their dances gave out the messages that spread awareness and told the world that what is ailing the world. They gave their heart to the dance, and the audience gave their heart to them. The colourful, vibrant and cheerful children on Twists N Turns’ Annual Dance Concert definitely was a show to behold. 




 As they say that memories last lifetime, we tried to do the same for our teachers, dancers and our extended family. They wanted small bits and pieces of the concert and we gave that to them in the most beautiful way possible. The grand and perfect background for all the selfie-enthusiast and voila, they were happy as a bee in spring. 

IMG 3186

Our stage for the dancers was special as well. It wasn’t your daily bread and butter. The stage not only changed the colours, but it also took the audience on a world tour. They travelled places with our dancers in a melodious cruise.




 And what would have happened if our instructors didn’t put their maximum effort into the choreography? Ahh, that couldn’t happen. They knew it was their time to shine along with the dancers. They went into the game like deadpool- with maximum effort and came out victorious. Their choreography made everyone swoon in their places and they made our world theme a success. From Contemporary to Salsa to Jazz and back home Bollywood- it was really the world on stage. The dancers set the stage on fire and there wasn’t a moment of respite for the audience as they kept looking from one part of the stage to another. There was a lot of drama going on the stage as the evening unfolded and got more intense.



 Oh, and there was a lot of Hullabaloo on our backstage as well. The green room was filled with discussions, occasional shouts and lots of props and makeup. They worked hard to make our dancers more dramatic and fit for their performance.

Finally, this Annual Dance Concert Hullabaloo of Twists N Turns was a success. It was a power package of all the things good and danctastic. As our dancers created their dreams, we created a stage for them to show the world that how powerful those dreams are.

Until the next time, keep dancing with TNT!


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