Kavya Talwar

Kavya Talwar

Kavya believes that there is something extremely gorgeous about movement. It's like a life force that shows itself through the body and the eyes like fire. Kolkata is not

only her birthplace but also the very place where she realized that she belongs to a world of rhythm, beats, steps, expression, and movement.

She would dance for the sheer joy of it at various marriage ceremonies and school fests. Seeing her enthusiasm her parents decided to put her into a local dance school. The hobby soon became a passion and she decided to take it up professionally in the year 2012.
Her inspirations have been Ibuki, kumari Suraj, Mia Michaels, and Yannis Marshall. Trained in jazz, contemporary and hip hop, she is here to make sure that the sounds produced by her steps are not lost but are remembered as creations.

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