Ranu Singha

Ranu Singha

Ranu Singha, aka Bablu, is a young dance instructor who started his journey from a small village in Assam. He believes that words are not the only mode

to express oneself. Sometimes, stabilized actions in rhythmic form or ‘dance’ is what we need. Words have their limits and limitations, but not dance. 

His desire to enter, explore and enrich the world of dance made him leave his home and venture out. He has undergone training in various dance forms like Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and Bollywood. Ranu is trained at the Ganesh Acharya Institute in Bollywood & Mumbai Shaimak Davar’s Institute in Jazz & Contemporary in Shaimak’s style. He has worked tirelessly to reach milestone after milestone. In his explorations of the dance world, Ranu came upon Zumba Fitness, a fitness program that consists of exercise along with various dance choreography. He underwent Zumba training in 2014 from Sucheta Pal in Pune, India. 

For Ranu, dance is not only his passion. It is his very soul.

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