Rishi Das

Dance has been a very big changing point in my life!! It has been a medium through which I can express my feelings... I love to learn new things and I love to pass on my knowledge.

I started dancing as a challenge when nobody used to acknowledge me and used to make fun of my healthy body, my friends never used to take me in for events, but I never really thought that dance would become a very big part of my life.
My sir Manish Das has helped me and taught me a lot and I have professionalised in Popping animation, Hip Hop, Waving, Freestyle and Bollywood.

I've always strived to learn and explore dance and I really want to teach with the proper ideas. I've taught at schools like St. Xavier's, St. Anthony's, and Stella Marris.

The main thing of my life has been "never to give up" Because when you believe in yourself, anything is possible.
So let's keep moving and keep dancing!!!

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