Rituparna Chowdhary

Rituparna Chowdhary

Dancing, for me, is the breath in my body and the fire in my soul. It is the drink that quenches my thirst to be the best I can be. It is a part of me - it is what

keeps me going every time when life gets tough.

I started dancing at the age of two and a half. My dance journey started with Bharatanatyam and other classical dance forms. At first, everything seemed difficult and unachievable but with time, my fascination for this ancient dance style grew and flourished and in a year, I am going to complete my graduation in Bharatanatyam. While Bharatanatyam is my base, my interest in international dance forms began to grow. 

It was this curiosity to know about international dance forms that made me join TWIST N TURNS as a trainee to learn Salsa. My mentor, Tapas Das, and his entire team are so gifted that they managed to make a purely classical dancer like me also get the rhythms and flavour of such a completely different style like Salsa. I am also learning other styles like Jazz and Hip Hop from my mentors so that I develop a rounded knowledge and understanding of dance as well as the dance industry.


From childhood, I only know one thing about myself - dance is the reason for my existence and dance is what completes me. I dance because of the beat of my heart, the pulse of my blood and the music in my mind. All I want to do is a dance. And to spread the love and joy of dancing - that is why I tell everyone - Keep Dancing. 

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