Sayantani Sarkar

When there are no words to speak, I can express myself with my moves, my dance.
It's actually the hidden language of my soul.

For me, dancing is not just a performing art. This is the First Love of my life.
I feel so lucky to achieve my passion as a profession...
I love to spread happiness and positivity among others with the ability to keep myself happy.
I have found many small and big livelihoods in my life, but I have never found such happiness as of being a dancer.
First classical, then
I have been studying at Tanushree Shankar dance academy for 15 years(2001-2016).
Then I qualified as an assistant dance teacher there...
Then I choose myself as a sangeet choreographer and Bollywood dance teacher too.
After that, I discovered dance is not just entertainment for life... Through this, we are able to do exercise also.
This is the only way, where hard work is possible without hard work.
So, I started Zumba training and eventually join the Zumba instructor network community...
This is the path of my life in Dance...
Now I'm not just a dancer, I'm a fitness expert too.
people can enjoy the enthusiastic session and obviously feel more energized after my power-packed session.

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