Zin Neha Soni

Dancing is my passion, I am fond of dancing since childhood.

I didn't have a special dancing journey throughout my life but whatever I have learned is by watching TV and following the steps and never been to any dance class.
Music is my inspiration as I can't stop myself as any music plays in... I have also taken part in many school functions..

While in college I joined a dance class named "talent city" for six months where I got wings for my passion...

Zes Sucheta pal is the reason behind deciding to pursue my career in Zumba as she is an inspiration for me... Following my passion, I was mentored by Zin Bibek Bhowmick.
He pushed me further to achieve my goals after which I got my license from Zes Piu Majumdar mam.
And today I feel glad to be working with a renowned and well-established studio Twist N Turns.

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