Shalini Subedi

Shalini Subedi

Dance is a journey for me as I understood it's something which lets me be free from anything and I want to encourage as many people as I can to be themselves or

find themselves through dance. I have organized Indak, a dance festival, as one of the convenors of Jadavpur University Dance Forum with Sangram Mukherjee guiding us, which consisted first-ever dance conference (organised by the student body), competition as well as showcase performances by many known crews of Kolkata like Fullstop, Break Guruz, Takht, etc.  

I have worked in a music video, a cover of girls like you by the band called Underground Authority, with Mekhola Bose as choreographer and Sambo Mukherjee as director. It was a great experience in itself. I also represent the Kolkata breaking community as breaking is a style to which I connect the most. I have been inspired and mentored by Raj Shaw aka bboytrue1 and his crew Break Guruz and I hope this journey brings more fun, knowledge, and experience in my life.


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