Souvik Das

Souvik Das

I started dancing since I was in class 6. I was hugely inspired by my seniors in school. I used to live in a hostel and there were no such ways to get trained, so I used to

follow my seniors and try to copy their steps. I still remember my first stage performance was on Teacher’s day and I have hardly done 3 to 4steps. After 12 I thought to take dance professionally and started taking workshops and classes and trained myself under well-known national and international artists. I cleared mega-round of a reality show (India talent Fight) but due to some problem I couldn’t go for the studio round and I also got selected as a semi-finalist in a different well-known dance competition in all over India. For me, dance can reveal all the mystery that a song or music conceals and I believe sharing each other’s knowledge and experience is the best way to learn...

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