Subhangi Paul

Subhangi Paul

Dance has been the best part of my life until now. I don't remember how and when the magic of dance conquered me. It all started when I performed my first solo at 5

years old at my school. A huge crowd calling my name cheering for me and there I started my journey of dance.
Slowly I developed it every day from some lovely people I got on this journey with many faculties like Sangram Mukhopadhay, Raj Shaw, Neha Chaudhuri, Mekhola Bose. 

All these people made me capable of what I do now and of course, the Rythmosaic faculty who helped to shape my contemporary dance skills. Dance led me to be a part of a cultural forum called Takht and also a part of the Twist N Turns family. Dance has always been the best way to express me.
It works in me in all moods. I feel it is the most wonderful feeling that has ever existed in the world.



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