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Children loving Yoga and Zumba

Children loving Yoga and Zumba. Yoga and Zumba are favourite lockdown activities for children.

Parents are finding it difficult to protect their children from getting weak muscles and physical fitness during the lockdown.


Apart from handcraft, arts, music, hop, cinema and other conditioning, play is one of the comfortable and beneficial alternatives.

Kolkata Twist N Turns, started by Tapas Das, will be hosting online Zumba sessions for children between the age group of 3.5 and 13 from June 2 onwards. “ Because of the lockdown and again the agitation of the disease, parents aren't aiming their children to foot out of the home.

They're box up indoors and have a lot of pent-up energy that needs to be released. The one possible way is to indulge in some exterior physical exercise. It would be beneficial for both children and parents. In 2020, we organised Zumba classes and the response was astounding.

That’s why we've decided to start another Zumba class from June 2 forth. Children are obsessed with dancing to highborn music along with others. It's a recreation exercise and at the equal run helpful at multiple degrees — Zumba helps in learning hand-eye teamwork, increases elasticity, and boosts genius - confidence, ” says Tapas Das

Popular Kolkata based Zumba Instructors Antara will be training children at Twist N Turns impending Zumba classes. “ Antara is a licensed and honest Zumba preceptor and children love her classes. Instead of making children sit in one place, parents should understand how friendly it would be if children laboriously move around. With this class for children, we aren't fastening on losing weight, but making them active and feel happy. We aren't forcing children to do formal movements. But when they all come together fair, they're encouraged to dance, ” she adds.


Kolkata- hung yoga exponent Subham Chail has commenced online yoga sessions for children between the age group of 4 and 10. “ We commenced the classes in May and the response was tangible. We've two different batches on Wednesday and Thursday. Unlike the usual yoga classes, currently, we're training yoga through scenes. I do online education along with my mate Huma, who works as a pedagogue in a megalopolis academy. We develop our own stories and fashion them to a yoga stampede. From June onwards, we're planning to explore popular children ’s stories. For eg, The Really Starved Caterpillar is a renowned children ’s story written by Eric Carle, we're planning to fashion it into our yoga class, ” says Tapas Das.

Though he covers all asanas, Subham doesn’t teach headstands or handstands. “ Since it's online, we've to make sure the safety of children as well. We do pranayama, but the sprouts aren't realising that they're doing that asana. Yoga is good for everyone. But in the yoga classes for sprouts, we wanted the children to be familiar with the notion of yoga and innumerable asanas. There are a lot of myths environing yoga. We wanted to break those myths. As these children grow old, they should look at yoga as a great form of fitness. That’s the reason why we're schooling their yoga in a different way now, ” he sums up.


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Children loving Yoga and Zumba is it true or not find it out yourself.

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