Your Chance to Dance GOTDF 2017

The nervousness in the studio is breaking the ceiling as the date of the event comes closer and the practices are vigorous than ever before! A fusion of

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Indian Classical and Belly dance is not something you get to see in everyday life. Well, that's exactly what the instructors at Twist N Turns have planned for you! With every twist and turn of the bodies on the rhythm of the song, the dancers insure that the magic fog encircles your mind and you are forced to try a step or two by yourself.

On being asked, the students and the instructors had a lot of fun stories to share but the stories of their journeys are more interesting.

With the tension filling up in their heads, as two students tried to lift another student for a step to be performed, they lost their balance and toppled down on the floor unceremoniously. What followed next was a nonstop marathon of laughter, which, is their guide to relieve the tension.

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Sharing experiences, one of the instructor recollects his memory when he first joined the studio and was only following his passion to learn dance.
One day when his instructor asked him to take few classes in his absence for a few days, he was of course more than happy to do it because he liked to dance even when it took so much effort.... Don’t we all remember our first salaries? His was when after a month his instructor returned and told him that he should be paid for all the classes he took! His mind whirled with surprise, shock and happiness. A story this simple defines each of us when we received our first salary or were appreciated for our work. And that's how the journey of an instructor at the studio started.

What is Get On The Dance Floor for the students, you ask?
It is their out-of-the-cocoon moment. The first time performers are jittery and are working up the performances that has to be perfected down to every movement as per the choreography.
As a black cloud of insecurity and worry spreads over their heads, the instructor-student bond comes to rescue. Teachers are motivating students by training them to their full potential and teaching them new dance forms. Encouraging the students to perform without sweating over it mentally requires a bond close to heart. An instructor at the studio tells us exactly how he encourages his students - focusing on the learning part, he motivates them by telling that achieving so much in such a short span of time is what matters the most and learning is more important than stressing on the comparisons and performing. 


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On the other hand, for the instructors, Get On The Dance Floor is a chance to perform and be in the limelight. The whole year passes by and that they too need to loosen up a bit, hence this event gives them the chance to do the same. Taking so many classes of different batches, every day, gives them immense joy but GOTDF is "their" chance to let it all go and dance the night away.

For the outsiders, entertainment arrangements are all set. There will be DJ dance floor, fun dance games that will challenge their inner dance beasts and a Zumba hour conducted under the directions from the instructors. There will be various solo, duo and group dance performances at the event showcasing array of dance forms.


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As the studio stories are coming to an end with the fast approaching date of event, last day of registration is also coming closer. 19th August will be the last day ; registration can be done in the studio as well as online.

An informal dance showcase with a variety of dance performances invites the dance enthusiasts on August 20, 2017 to a dance filled entertainment. Family and friends of the members of the studio are welcomed to enjoy their evening and dance performances as well as the lip-smacking food at the event!

See you!





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