Get on the dance floor (GOTDF) 2017

The fifth edition of getting on the dance floor (GOTDF), a Dance party in Kolkata by Twist N Turns, was all about loads of dance, amazing music and even

more fun!


The studio’s dancers were in attendance and the dance party invitations went out to their family and friends. The happening Kolkata event saw quite a turnout, with an amazing evening laid out for the guests! The stage was ablaze with fabulous dance routines performed to enthralling music and awesome background lighting that all conspired to create a magical environment, setting the mood for the evening! Of course, the fantastic performances by the Twist N Turns dancers, who showcased various dance styles, including hip-hop, contemporary, belly dance and classical dances were the sparkling highlights of the evening!

Just as the DJ experimented with music sans the boundaries of language, so also the dancers explored an amalgamation of dance styles. A mesmerizing cocktail of belly dance fused with Indian classical, performed to the very popular ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran was presented to the audience as promised.



The nervous first-time performers and the seasoned dancers were the showstoppers alike! While the first-timers wowed all with their gracefully executed routines, the Twist N Turns instructors stunned the audience with their hip-hop and contemporary choreographed to chart-busting Western songs. But it is never just about dance on the floor! 

But then again GOTDF is never just about dance! It is as much about fun. Which is why there were some fun-filled, enjoyable activities organised for both the audience and the dancers. One such activity saw our charming emcee call up random people from the audience to deliver famous Bollywood dialogues or to dance to popular songs the Bollywood way.
As the evening unfolded further, a tug of war broke out on the floor. There weren’t any ropes but people did join hands in camaraderie for the game! And as the night approached, we had more such fun arrangements for everyone to let loose and enjoy!


As for our instructors’ share of fun, as a teacher, isn't it always an honour to be the favourite of most? However, it turned out to be tough times, when the students of Twist N Turns had to choose their favourite instructor. It was a joy to watch as the teachers looked on while their posters were coloured by their students- that’s how the students decided their favourites!



Annnnd... We also promised a Zumba hour, didn’t we? We kept our word- as planned there was an hour’s worth of Zumba session for the dancers as well as the guests. With the instructors on stage and the DJ playing foot-tapping numbers, the participants thoroughly enjoyed their share of Zumba! Learning and following in just an hour might have been difficult, had it not been for our talented instructors who taught in easy steps broken down in simple instructions.

 gotdf zumba 1

gotdf zumba 2

Last, but not least, no matter how much we love dance parties, isn’t every party incomplete without food? Hotel Golden Tulip knew and a delicious spread of yummy delicacies was laid out for all to satisfy their hunger pangs and cravings!

GOTDF is a chance to let go of our worries, simply have fun and also be in the limelight, and everyone at the studio made the best of that chance! And to make the celebration tenfold better, their families and friends joined in. Because we all wait longingly and sweat hard for the event every year to have a gala time with everyone, so we can dance, play and laugh together while making memories.



As all good things do, the rocking party too came to an end, but there wasn’t sadness in the air; because as they say, ~
aashce bochor aabar hobe!".




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